Your Coach, Nicole Kirchner

Hey, it’s me. Nicole. I just wanted to let you know something... My journey wasn’t pretty, and it wasn’t easy.

I know that yours wasn’t either. Maybe you’re debating change yourself, or maybe you’re unsure of where to start.   I want to tell you about my story. We all have one. We all have a beautiful (and sometimes broken) story to tell in this world.

I was always a healthy and active kid growing up. But inside I was not the happy healthy kid that I wished I could have been.

I developed a real love of food - the most highly processed, fried, preserved imposters of food you could find.  Food became my boredom buddy, my security blanket, my void-filler.

Does that feeling sound familiar to any of you? I’m guessing I wasn’t alone in feeling this struggle. 

It wasn’t until I was in my senior year of high school that I decided to start making some changes. And with these small changes that didn’t even feel like too much work, the weight started coming off.

And thus began the slippery slope I refer to as the Dark Ages.

There was now praise and attention for what I was on the outside. There was the stress of being in a high-paced and competitive college program. My weight continued on down.

I began to favour Du Mauriers and coffee over chicken and rice, but not all of the time… so it was okay. I’ve got a handle on this. I’m totally in control.

Until one day I wasn’t.

Why work with Nicole?


Helping people uncover their health and happiness potential is my jam!


First-hand experience, coupled with numerous life and health certifications make me the perfect GPS for your journey.


You’re in the driver’s seat. It’s about what works for you in your life and we can make the changes you desire with lasting impact.


I keep you on track with your goals, help steer you back if you wander, and cheer you on at every milestone along the way.

I suddenly realized that I was no longer okay. That I didn’t call the shots anymore. That the reigns had been handed over to this deep, dark lurking shadow. That devil — that shadow — was anorexia.

Anorexia was by far the hardest fight I’ve ever encountered. Waging both a physical and mental war on myself, was all-consuming and exhausting.

All these delusions were rolling around in my brain, then I came across Precision Nutrition.

Huh, nutrition… all coming back full circle to my friend Food.  The one piece of the puzzle that I still had a love/hate relationship with. Maybe I needed to look at fixing that part of my life in order to see the results I was expecting and longing for.

What. The. Fork? 

It didn’t happen overnight, but it happened when I wasn’t looking. And it was the best, most rewarding and empowering changes I’ve ever made in my life. Honestly. I felt whole. Confident. Happy in my own skin (and damn it’s a good feeling to have!).

But mostly I felt grateful. Grateful to have had the opportunity to learn this real yet healthy and sustainable way of life.

Of living.

Without question, my time as a Precision Nutrition client had a profound impact on my life and it's path. I now coach people, teaching them how to have a healthy, lasting, and, real relationship with food — and themselves. No fads. No quick fixes.




You can see that my journey wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t easy. I’ve had many struggles with my own weight, body image, and especially my relationship with the “F” word (meaning Food… me and the other “F” word have always been BFFs).

I’m here to help and guide you on your way. If finding a better way to live is something you’ve had on your mind lately, let’s sit down and chat. And if you’re just stopping by to learn more about me and about what I do, that’s cool too. I appreciate that you’ve taken the time out to do that.

Thanks for listening. 

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