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Single Session Coaching

This is a 1-hour nutrition or lifestyle-based coaching session with Certified Level 2 Precision Nutrition & Real Life Coach, Nicole Kirchner to focus on your specific goals or challenges.

This option might be an appropriate fit for someone who:

  • wishes to work on their specific goals with an advanced level of guidance or at their own
  • is looking for specific assistance in meal planning, food intolerance/sensitivities, fitness
    planning and/or stress management

(No commitment necessary with this option)

1 Year of Daily Coaching - Online Programming Only

This package provides you with access to Precision Nutrition’s 12-month online daily coaching programming only. You will receive Certified Level 2 Precision Nutrition & Real Life Coach, Nicole Kirchner’s feedback and guidance via the program platform as well.

This option might be an appropriate fit for someone who:

  • feels confident in self-direction;
  • is self-motivated and accountable

Nicole's Signature Program

Health Living For Life

This package includes access to Precision Nutrition’s 12-month online daily coaching program - in addition to - bi-weekly coaching sessions with Certified Level 2 Precision Nutrition & Real Life Coach, Nicole Kirchner (in person, phone or by video conference) to discuss your progress and any challenges you may be experiencing. Text or email support from Nicole with the online program
is also included.

This option might be an appropriate fit for someone who:

  • needs accountability and on-going support to stay focused and successful;
  • has tried numerous diets, cleanses, and weight-loss programs but with little or no lasting success;
  • has struggled with emotional eating, now or in the past;
  • is ready to break up with their negative relationship with food;
  • is ready to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle

Group Coaching & Accountablity

Nicole offers the unique and powerful experience of group coaching and accountability – allowing you to receive world-class coaching expertise along with the support and camaraderie of like-minded individuals on their own health and wellness journey.  These opportunities are only available a few times throughout the year and spaces are very limited.  To register for an upcoming group or to pre-register for a future group session, click the button below.

Wellness Events

Throughout the year, Nicole holds nutrition and wellness events that focus on a variety of topics such as change psychology, the affect of stress on our bodies and our ability to absorb nutrients, emotional eating triggers, and the importance of self-care.  Follow Nicole on Facebook and Instagram to learn about upcoming events and topics, or sign up for her newsletter and never miss out on an event opportunity!

Have Nicole Speak!

Nicole has spoken at a variety of events and functions on such topics as educating youth on the importance of balanced nutrition and healthy body image, proper self-care and self-compassion, as well as sharing her own turbulent relationship with food, body, love, loss and grief.  If you have an event that could benefit from Nicole’s words and message, please contact her with more details.